Lib Tech Hot Knife 2017

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Product Description

The Hot Knife is quite aggressive. But it’s also got a twin shape and a centered stance. This makes it great for freestyle. And it’s got plenty of pop – so it’s great for jumps.

Also it’s a mostly camber board (very mild rocker between the bindings), so it’s great for those that love camber but still want to be riding freestyle – but also want to be able to ride the groomers and lay down some good aggressive carves.

If that’s wetting your appetite then this board might be for you.

Not really a jibber – but great to take into the park for medium to large jumps. Otherwise it’s the kind of deck that you want to be ripping it up over the whole mountain, popping off rollers, side hits and ollying off lips – and in between times getting the elbows low for some deep carves.

O.k. let’s take a more detailed look at what Lib Tech’s Hot Knife is capable of.

Demo Info

Board: Lib Tech Hot Knife 2017, 159cm (255mm waist width)

Date: February 27th, 2016

Conditions: Choppy and slushy on the groomers. Some pockets of powder off. Some rain later in the afternoon but mostly fine. Visibility good all day.

Bindings angles: +18/+3


Not really made for the powder. Have to really put an effort in to keep the nose above the snow in deeper stuff (but I didn’t really find a lot of powder).

The centered stance, the fact that there isn’t much rocker in the profile and the true twin shape make this not a good pick for powder. Not to say that you can’t ride it in powder of course – just that this shouldn’t be your pick if you want to ride powder in the backcountry a lot.

Carving and Turning

A great little carver. It’s aggressive and you can really get low and up on the edge with confidence.

The edge hold is really good. Though I didn’t really have any icy patches on the day, there were some harder spots and the Hot Knife dug in really well and felt really solid and gripped well.

Quick from edge to edge too.


It was pretty fast and pretty stable at speed. Not the fastest board I’ve ridden but pretty quick none-the-less. Enough so for what you want to do with it and for a twin.

No problems gliding through flat spots or slight up-hills. It has a sintered base (and it was well waxed) so that definitely helps.


The Right Gear for the Perfect Ride


Additional Information

Weight 160 oz
Dimensions 60 x 12 x 6 in

156w, 156