Rossignol Frenemy Snowboard – Women’s 2021


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You know what they say: keep your friends close, and your Rossignol Frenemy Snowboard closer. This all-round ripper comes with AmpTek All-Mountain Rocker, grippy 5S Serrated Edges edges, and a fine tuned Radcut radius for insanely fun carving in all conditions, with a slightly setback stance that helps the board come alive in softer snow. Full wood core construction provides bags of pop, power, and stability, all while keeping the swing weight low for easy spinning. Strap in and don’t look back, you and the Frenemy are about to go on a wild ride together.

Product Details

Rocker Type

AmpTek All-Mountain Rocker – AmpTek All-Mountain features softer tips and a stiffer waist with 40% camber between the feet for powerful edge grip and stability, and 60% rocker at the tip and tail and forgiveness for effortless freeride versatility.


Flex Rating 5 (1 Soft – 10 Stiff) – Moderate flex provides balanced blend of power and pop for all-mountain riding.

Twin All Mountain Flex – A symmetrical flex which is stiff under feet for punch and grip, with a stiffer waist for stability at high speed. Maximum pop and balance for freestyle riding.


RadCut – A traditional sidecut between the inserts fuses with multiple reverse sidecuts toward the tip and tail, providing real time sidecut adjustment to the ride, ie. longer when faster, shorter when slower, and delivering the perfect cut at all times. RadCut is offered in multiple versions, each tailored for individual riding styles. More aggressive sidecut blends deliver quicker, livelier turns, while smoother sidecuts offer a more fluid, relaxed ride.


Wood CBF – A single type of wood that’s mixed with Basalt and Kevlar fibers in its center for added comfort and punch between the feet with smooth edge-to-edge transitions.


Aramid – Also known as Kevlar®, acts as a vibration dampener that softens rough landings. Durable, strong and extremely lightweight, Kevlar® is often used in ballistic body armor.

Basalt – Stronger and lighter in weight than fiberglass with more elasticity than carbon. Basalt enhances board feel, power and stability while absorbing impacts and vibrations.

Glass Fiber – Delivers customized flex with increased torsional resistance and stability.


ABS Sidewalls – ABS provides enhanced durability while keeping the core safe from moisture.


Sintered 4400


5S Serrated Edges – Rossignol’s exclusive edge technology offers five, smaller points of edge contact (one between the inserts and two on either side of the inserts), improving bite and grip along the entire edge for better stability.

Binding Compatibility

2 x 4 Insert Pattern