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The Legend W 84 is a brand new ski from Dynastar that’s part of a brand new series of all mountain skis for both men and women. The whole series use a 5 point sidecut shape that’s derived from more freeride oriented skis and is intended to provide a very maneuverable, playful feel especially in soft snow. They also have corresponding tip and tail rocker that gives the ski additional float in the soft stuff and works together with the early tapered tips and tails. Powerdrive construction adds in some stability, edge grip, and torsional stiffness. On paper the Legend X 84 is an awfully versatile all mountain ski, but what did our testers think of it? Karly Acker described it as “super fun.” Karly was skiing the 177 cm ski, and she admitted that at her size it was on the longer side compared to what she would normally ski, but still found them to be very manageable. She commented that she “could easily cut through heavy stuff without getting bounced around,” On firm snow she “could also carve very easily.” She found the Legend W 84 had a “very consistent” feel regardless of where she took it on the mountain. Kristi Brown also skied the 177 cm length and definitely felt that same consistent feel. She referred to it as “an automatic carver,” which likely has a lot to do with that 5 point, early tapered shape. Skis with early taper and corresponding rocker have very easy turn initiation into carving turns. When you tip the ski on edge the rocker profile hooks up and the tapered shape takes you into a turn very smoothly, not nearly as quick and abrupt as a ski with a full width tip, but much more smoothly. She found it was “easy going” and had “no surprises.” Kristi thinks any previous Dynastar fans will absolutely love these new skis, but we think it’s enough of an improvement over previous all mountain skis that it will draw some new skiers to the brand as well. Chloe Wexler found that the Powerdrive construction provided “good dampening at both high and low speeds” and that it allowed her to make “GS-style turns.” Like Karly Acker, Chloe skied a much longer length than she typically would (the same 177 cm), but still found it to be very manageable as well. With that feedback we can confidently say it’s a ski that you can potentially size up on, especially if you feel like you’re in between sizes, which is relatively common of 5 point sidecut, rockered skis. Chloe found it to be both maneuverable and stable, commenting that it had a “clean finish at the end of a turn.” The Legend W 84 is already positioning itself as one of the more versatile all mountain skis for women. While the 84 mm waist width certainly isn’t the widest, it does provide enough stability for taking the ski into off-piste terrain and variable snow. It’s shape and rocker profile make it exceptionally maneuverable, while the Powerdrive construction seems to do its job of building in responsiveness and edge grip when you’re on the groomers. Like Kristi commented, we think its easy-going nature is going to be a favorite among intermediates and less aggressive advanced and expert skiers. It doesn’t have the power of certain all mountain skis with metal, but it offers a more approachable, predictable feel compared to those skis.

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Dimensions 65 × 4 × 1 in