Consistent Tee


Most of today’s golfers use large volume drivers, yet are still using the traditional 2 1/8″ short tee. Those short tees are incapable of properly positioning the ball with respect to the drivers sweet-spot. Even if golfers are using the new longer tees, most have difficulty teeing the ball up at the right position for every drive. The Consistent-Tee has the answer. The Consistent-Tee takes advantage of longer tees and removes the guesswork from tee height. Teeing the ball in the optimal position every time allows you to hit consistent drives and utilize the technology designed for your oversize driver.

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  • Designed for new deep-face drivers
  • Removes guesswork, providing perfect ball height every time
  • Longer, straighter and more consistent drives
  • 10 durable tees per pack
  • USGA compliant