Salomon X-Pro 70 W Womens Ski Boots 2018

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The X-Pro 70 W from Salomon is a perfect choice for intermediate skiing women who have a medium to narrow forefoot and medium shaft of the leg. A 24mm Oversized Pivot drives energy to your skis. Salomon’s Twinframe Construction uses a stiffer, stronger plastic on the sole of the boot that makes the boots more responsive at faster speeds, by reducing the torsion twisting of the shell, giving you more control to your skis. The Women’s Specific Liner has a narrower heel pocket that follows the contours of the female foot shape, that has a narrower heel and more taper to the shape of the foot. A Women’s Calf Adjuster allows you to make adjustments to the cuff of the boot for some personalization for women who have never been able to find a comfortable fit on their calf muscles. The My Custom Fit 3D Sport Liner has anatomically correct padding that has the ability to be heat molded for extra comfort and support on the slopes.

Best Fits a Medium to Narrow Forefoot and Medium Shaft of the Leg
24mm Oversized Pivot
Twinframe Construction
My Custom Fit 3D Sport Liner
Women Liner
Women Calf Adjuster


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